I studied physical immersive interactivity, intersecting my passion for dance and fitness with production design at USC. Below is a case study for my M.F.A thesis project Nahui Olln, "In Search of the Divine Force," and choreo interactive installation, Cuerpo Y Luz, a 14-channel interactive screen based experience intersecting infrared cameras and choreography. 


Nahui Ollin: is an interactive dance installation that includes a film, website, and interactive dance installation. This two-channel interactive and immersive dance experience teaches players about Aztec/Nahuatl philosophy. Players learn various dance styles using a creative storied experience based on the four directions to develop a performative choreointeractive experience. 


CUERPO Y LUZ:  is a cinematic / immersive/ interactive dance installation that that encourages audience participants to explore the exhibition space of the 14-screened Zemeckis Media Lab at USC. Participants discover a unique audio-visual experience with their bodies. CUERPO Y LUZ, incorporates high-definition video production, music composition, choreography and interactivity using infrared cameras to track movement and develop a performance. Through choreointeractivity, participants become implicated in the performance, developing a style of their own in order to create a uniquely personal and aesthetic experience.