Born and raised in the vibrant sunny San Francisco, Mission District art, music, and dance were at my fingertips. I got my fresh start developing choreography, producing youth theater and lead international cultural exchanges to Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and the Southwest with Loco Bloco. I received my B.A. in dance and choreography from UCLA World Arts and Cultures Dance Department. While studying in the crux of the film industry, I discovered a love for screen dances and developing projection mapping for the stage. This curiosity lead me to recieve my M.F.A from USC, School of Cinematic Arts, Interactive Media Division. At USC, I combined my passion for dance with design, video and game production. I researched the latest trends in dance, fitness and health games and designed choreointeractive experiences. I am a Game Producer for the Zumba Fitness Video Game Franchise, which has sold over 9 million units for the Xbox, Kinect and Nintnedo Wii.

I thrive in a collaborative environment that intersects dance, fitness, health with technology. My goal is to get you to move and feel good in your body! Whether teaching a dance and fitness class or producing health and wellness content, I am passionate about working with people to bring a project or idea to life that will change peoples lives and make the world a better place to live, thrive and be happy in!