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Andrea Rodriguez is a Dance + Fitness Instructor, Interactive Designer, and Filmmaker.

Born and raised in the vibrant San Francisco, Mission District cultural arts, music, and dance were at my fingertips. I got my fresh start choreographing and producing youth theater and lead international cultural exchanges to Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and the Southwest with Loco Bloco. I received my B.A. in Dance and Choreography from UCLA World Arts and Cultures Dance Department. While studying in the crux of the film industry, I discovered a love for dance for the camera and projection mapping for the stage. This curiosity lead me to recieve my M.F.A from USC, School of Cinematic Arts, Interactive Media Division. At USC, I intersected my passion of dance game design and video production. I researched the latest trends in health games and designed choreointeractive experiences. I am a Video Game Producer for the Zumba Fitness Video Game Franchise, which has sold over 9 million units for the Xbox, Kinect and Nintnedo Wii.

I thrive in a collaborative environment that intersects health, fitness, and technology. My goal is to get you to move! Whether teaching a dance and fitness class or producing healthy living content allow me to inspire you to move using the latest fitness trends, music, and interactive technology to transform your experience!


—  Recent Work

  • Producer, Zumba Fitness Video Games Franchise

  • Freelance Coordinator / Producer / Director

  • Adjunct Dance Professor, Glendale Community College

  • Dance and Fitness Group X Instructor - Crunch + Cardio Tone

—  Work Skills

  • Operating Systems: MAC & PC platforms
  • Programs: Expertise Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, MicrosoftExcel, Word, Power Point, Keynote, Entourage
  • Interactive Visual Computing Software: Isadora,  Max/MSP/Jitter, Processing
  • Video Production: Experience DSLR and GoPro cameras, lighting set-ups for studio and field location shoots
  • Video Game Production: From R&D, design, developing storied experiences, usability and QA testing, to shelf life
  • Fitness Certifications - Zumba - B1, B2, Tone, Kids and AFAA 


Photo by: Eli Jacob-Fantauzzi

Photo by: Eli Jacob-Fantauzzi

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Andrea Rodriguez

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